About Us

We are a small company in Albany, La. that builds custom fishing rods, repairs guides, and tips. We also make soft plastic baits, vibrating jigs, flipping, swimming, and football head jigs for bass fishing. All work and manufacturing are done on-site in our shops, not in another country, and shipped here. Our name was decided on when we started up in 2017 in Independence, La. Tangi, from the parish and the river close by us. Our logo is one of a kind and made just for us by the famed drawer of fine arts/comic artist Geoffrey Gwin.

We got our start fixing our broken guides and tips, then our friends. Next, I started stripping all the guides off of rods and replacing them with better ones which led to my first total build of a rod. Baits started the same way. I bought, used, and promoted other local guy’s baits for years. Learned color mixology by helping them fill orders or catch up when behind. I fell in love with being able to tweak a color to what I really wanted. I still love trying new blanks and the excitement of using a brand-new rod for the first time or testing a new bait color. I am a fisherman first and foremost. Come and check us out, always have a comfortable chair for you in the rod shop and fishing on the tv. Cold water in the fridge with some other cold adult beverages and let us plan your next rod built for you the way you want it. If it is baits you want we can flip through tabs and different head designs or soft plastic baits and colors. Got a tournament tomorrow and need some craws or worms? Contact me and stop by after work or 8:30 at night when you are rigging and realize you don’t have a jig you need, we are here for you. We value our customers and enjoy their catches as much as our own.